AFCOST Community of Practice 2019-20
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Communities of Practice (CoPs) are a time and place for front line youth workers, program directors, and executive level directors to gather with their peers, share their work, learn from each other and move their programs to new levels of quality. CoPs are free and open to any member of the Cambridge Out-of-School-Time professional community!

For more information, please go to the Agenda for children’s Website.
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Ashley Kelley

Peabody 2-5 Afterschool
Lead Teacher
70 Rindge Ave
Has been working with the City of Cambridge for the past eight years. Ashley started as an inclusion aid in the Peabody 2-5 program before becoming the program’s teacher, and spent a few years at our sister site at the King School as Head Teacher before moving back over to Peabody. Before working with the city, Ashley was a Play Coach for Boston Public Schools and a program educator at the Ecotarium located in Worcester. Ashley loves doing messy art projects and playing giant group games, and enjoys bringing her Community Planning background into program to create strong relationships and a sense of ownership for students, staff and families.