AFCOST Community of Practice 2019-20
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Communities of Practice (CoPs) are a time and place for front line youth workers, program directors, and executive level directors to gather with their peers, share their work, learn from each other and move their programs to new levels of quality. CoPs are free and open to any member of the Cambridge Out-of-School-Time professional community!

For more information, please go to the Agenda for children’s Website.
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Mo Barbosa

Human Resources In Action
Assistant Director of Training and Capacity Building
Mo serves as Assistant Director of Training and Capacity Building at Health Resources in Action.  Mo Barbosa is involved in the delivery of training, provides technical assistance, participates in field-building initiatives locally and nationally, and promotes the profession and professionalization of the field through his work on legislation, youth worker networks, partnerships with higher education, and conferences. Mo is the chairperson of Men of Color Health Task Force and on a number of boards including:  Board of Trustees of the Cambridge Health Alliance, the Phillips Brooks House Association, the Port ​Action Group and the Design Studio for Social Intervention.