AFCOST Community of Practice 2019-20
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Communities of Practice (CoPs) are a time and place for front line youth workers, program directors, and executive level directors to gather with their peers, share their work, learn from each other and move their programs to new levels of quality. CoPs are free and open to any member of the Cambridge Out-of-School-Time professional community!

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Zara Racz

King 2-5 Afterschool
Head Teacher
MLK Jr. School, Putnam Ave
Zara Racz is currently the Head Teacher at the Dr. Martin Luther King 2-5 Afterschool on Putnam Ave. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and her Master’s degree in Art Therapy & Mental Health Counseling. Her favorite afterschool activities are playing gym games, going on field trips, and of course, making art! When not at work, Zara enjoys photography, swimming, and playing softball with the Department of Human Service Programs team. She is an Alfred University and Lesley University alumni.